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A New Day Unfolds

Dinner was delightfully indulgent

Filled with laughter and good cheer

Stopping for a moment

To give thanks for the big and little things

That have crossed our paths this year

A friend in despair found out just how much others shared

As time stood still and kindness filled the air

A lonesome spirit was uplifted by song

Carried by the winds of change

From a neighbor they had never known

A hungry stranger was comforted and fed

As boxes of food arrived

From strangers who cared

As frightened patients lay in their beds

Countless people prayed for them

As doctors and nurses risked everything

Gearing up from their hands to their heads

New jobs new attitudes

New places to live abound

What was once lost

A new way of living

Has been found

Humbled and with gratitude

We all sat down yesterday

We came together

In smaller numbers

In simpler ways

And gave thanks

For the food before us

And the faith that has filled our days

The pies are almost gone

Visiting family and friends have moved on

To finish out the year

With perhaps a new rhythm in their step

And a keener ear to the song

Of those in need

And a better way for all of us to get along

Of more gratitude and a little less fear

Contemplating the new perspectives

They have endeared

Perhaps one day they will convey

The importance of lessons learned

Throughout the past year

To future generations

To whom yesterday

Will only be a story

That has been passed on from year to year

And as the final chapters

Of this year unfold

What will be your story

As a new day unfolds

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