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Lovely Chocolate Pudding Pie

Need a quick, easy, decadent dessert for Valentine’s Day? You will have everyone asking for more.

1 Frozen or Refrigerated Pie Crust

1 5oz. Box Chocolate Jello Cook n Serve Pudding

1 cup Ghirardelli 60% Cocoa Bittersweet Chips

1/2 cup Pink Mini Marshmallows

3 Cups Whole Milk or 2 cups Half-n-half mixed with 1 cup Milk

8-10 pieces heart shaped chocolate such as Godiva Masterpieces

Optional: whipped cream and raspberries

  1. Generously prick bottom of pie crust with fork after you place it in glass pie dish. Place beans or baking pie weights on parchment paper inside pie crust and bake as directions suggest on packaging.

  2. As soon as lightly browned pie crust comes out, remove weights and parchment paper. Spread chocolate chips covering the whole bottom of pie crust then add marshmallows. Set aside.

  3. Next add 3 cups milk to medium size pot and set over medium heat. Add contents of chocolate pudding mix and stir frequently until pudding thickens.

  4. As soon as first bubbles form in pudding, pour thickened pudding slowly into the pie crust.

  5. Set on cookie rack

to cool at room temperature for several hours (at least four). After an hour you can place a tent of aluminum foil over the pie by creasing the sheet in the middle for a tenting effect. Enjoy with whipped cream and raspberries if desired!

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