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Love is...

Love is simple

Love is kind

Love will walk the fine line

And shine even brighter

On the other side

Love is a smile

Love is a helping hand

Love is profound

It lifts you up

While others knock you down

Love is pure

Love is palatial

It sees beauty

In things most demure

It never is glacial

Love gives

Love glows

Love is more comfortable than

A favorite blanket

On the coldest darkest winter’s days

Love wraps its arms around you

Love never lets go

Because it’s more than a feeling

It’s more than a rush

It’s more than victory

When the king is flushed

It stands silently

In the corner of your heart

It’s as stalwart as a knight

When the hour has come

To be the last one standing

That is when you know

You are not alone

Because love is stronger and deeper

Than anything you have

Ever known

Love well and let love abound

In places where love was

Thought to never be found

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