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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The holidays have come and gone

We basked in the glory of the joyous season-

Shared warm smiles and thoughtful gifts

Sang uplifting songs, sent loving greetings And perhaps, received an engagement ring

We gazed upon the splendor of the “great conjunction”

In the silent night

Jupiter and Saturn brightly shined as they aligned

And they ushered winter into the Northern Horizon

In the still of the dark

Stood the evergreen trees

On the longest night

As sure as they will remain

All shades of green everyday

So will the holidays bring

Light into our life- our everyday

And the love in our hearts

Will bring light into others lives

Shining bright just like the star we have seen

On the longest night

It will endure

Through the coldest season

Just like the evergreen

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