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Loved Beauty-fully

Updated: May 23, 2020

Dear Dad,

I love beauty-fully because you have loved me well.

It's through the little things you did, I have found that in life—the little things matter most.

The little moments you made to listen to how my day was—made me a better listener.

The little walks we went on—

made me someone who is inclined to take a walk and take someone else along...just because. Looking for the little nuances of nature, the sounds, the sights, the scents on these walks—ignited within me a spirit of curiosity to seek without not only within. The small surprises, such as the slender stalk with fragrant little bells of the Lily of the Valley, appearing from behind your back, and your insisting that I smell them—slowed me down to stop and smell the roses at every opportunity.

The smell of mama's sweet buns baking in the oven, lured me into the kitchen, because I knew you would be there too. And so, we waited together to enjoy them with a glass of cold milk, moments after they emerged from the oven.

The little things, like adjusting my pillow so I could be just a little more comfortable—opened my eyes to finding ways, ensuring those around me are more comfortable too.

Feeding the little birds during the cold winter months—taught me to feed the hungry in times of struggle.

Working hard and saving money for an annual family vacation—showed me the importance of saving and the gratitude of its reward, as we spent time together learning so many beautiful things about the world around us.

And as time flows on since the last time we said goodbye...your smile and all the loving little things you did, burn brightly within my heart with the eternal flame of love—and it lives on in my daughters, every time I do little things for them and they smile back.

-Your Loving Daughter

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