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I Left Home On A Snowy Eve

I left home on a snowy eve

The hearth was cold

Promises untold

We weren’t getting along

It wasn’t long before I came upon

A blazing hearth

Its flame kept me warm

And when the blaze died down to a glow

I moved on

Deeper in the woods a fire burned

Its sparks danced, dazzled, and I yearned

I learned of tricks

How to keep them and I imbibed

I never felt so alive

Something inside me

Wanted more

Another part said

It was time to go

The snow got deeper the nights longer

I was weary and longed for the days

When I was stronger

Alone and cold, hungry and feeling old

I wearily trudged on

The nights were long

I was in a place

Where glowing hearths

I no longer yearned

I searched for something

To keep me alive

My head hung low

I averted my face from the driving snow

What once was ablaze

With so much happiness

Was now barely aglow

Deep in my soul

I was a stranger in this place

Nowhere to go

I was reduced to nothing more

Than a fleck in this frozen space

The wind so frigid relentlessly blew on

With each passing day

It was more difficult to carry on

When suddenly visions of home

Warmed my heart

The door was unlocked

I went inside

The hearth was warm

But it was different....

No longer mine

That is when I found out

My love my life was gone

No longer with us

A life that had passed on

Feeling old and weary...

I carried on

Lost and confused...

I carried on

A small flame in my heart

I nurtured

And then one day I stopped

And chose the path

That was always beyond

I had made a new promise

This time I would keep

And I carried on

On a beautiful snowy eve.


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