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I Wonder...

I wonder

What this past year would have been like

If I knew how to ride a bicycle

Would I have gone outside more frequently

Would I have taken my daughter for a ride

I wonder what this month would have been like

If I knew how to paint with watercolors

Would I have taken a walk

Through a garnet and gold forest

To find a perfectly colored tree

Or a perfectly mottled leaf

I wonder what this week would have been like

If I knew how to bake a pie

Would I have rolled out a cool silky smooth crust

And filled it with freshly picked and sliced cinnamon apples

Or delightfully sour cherries

Or spiced pumpkin

Or pecans and sticky corn syrup

What pie would I have looked forward to baking next week

I wonder what this day would have been like

If I could do it all over again

I wonder what this past hour would have been like

If I knew it was my last...

Would I fall down and cry?

Would I deny?

Would I have wished I had time to:

Bake one more pie with my loved one?

Take my daughter for a bicycle ride?

Paint one last time?

I wonder

How grateful this Thanksgiving I will be

Reflecting on what matters most to me

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