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Soften The Heart For The Holidays

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Soften your heart for the holidays

For a hard heart will complain

And miss all the beauty that surrounds it

From without and from within

Soften your heart to gratitude

It’s not easy to be grateful when

There is so much to be worried about

But don’t look at it that way

A little softness never hurt anyone

And a softer heart can be profound

Soften your heart and be happy

With yourself just as you are

Like no one else

Uniquely you

Deep inside

A softer heart can always be found

Soften your heart and you may find

That you don’t want a lot this season

Just a happy tune

And a little peace of mind

Little steps is all it takes

To change your rhythm

And deep inside

Is a heart that beats

To the tune of a softer kind

With a softened point of view

Not sharp and jagged

A familiar edge too many hearts

Have grown accustomed to

You might even find

You have more time

And find yourself less haggard

Don’t blame yourself

Just look around

And you might see

With a heart that is softer

Your days fill with tender laughter

As you walk hand in hand

Softly singing to yourselves

The tune of a new rhythm

Holiday moments uniquely yours

Belonging to no one else

With a softened grateful heart

The holidays may be

More meaningful than presents

Underneath the tree

With a soft glow in the fireplace

The day you might start to see

More meaningful possibilities

Ones that were always

Meant to be

Softy spoken deep in the heart

And cherished for all eternity

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