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What if you knew...

What if you knew you were loved beyond what you imagined possible,

Beyond another’s expectations,

Beyond the horizon of condition,

With a love so pure it’s beyond tainting clarity,

So deep that the sum of your imperfections wouldn’t ever cast a shadow upon it

So complete it not only grows with the highs, but also through all the lows

So fortified it never needs and only desires to give

And all you have to do is open your heart and receive

Could you, would you let it be

What if....


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The worst sin is to take another’s love for granted. When lost you realize that it is more precious than life itself. Your heart is broken over the pain you inflicted and you pray with every aching fiber of your body and every bit of your soul that one day you will be with that loved one again to cherish her and love her like you should have all along.

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